May 14, 2011

Oil and Me

Next work in oil. Based on still life in my drawing class. 40x50cm canvas board. I like it, specially pearl tones and texture of  wrinkled fabric.
Maybe it is time to start the shop which will make me rich and famous? 
No, Blogger makes me famous, and shop will make me rich!


  1. Hi Irina.
    Great painting, you did a wonderful job with the cloth. xox

  2. Ciao Irina, congratulations for this oil painting which is really beautiful. Colors and light are fantastic.
    I heve never tried oil, but sooner or later.....

  3. I think you are ready to open the shop! Now just make sure you open one here in Arizona!

  4. You do very well with oils, Irina!! So good to see you!! : )))))

  5. I really like this and how the background mimics the leaves and shapes in the vase :)

  6. Great to see an oil from you! The fabric and the way is it reflected on the vase is beautiful. May be time is right for you to open a shop!

  7. Irina Beautiful work, got good movement and deep tissue strokes with these extended.
    You are bright, light and life.

  8. Jane, thank you!
    Tito, try it! Just to realize (again) how miracle watercolor is))
    Judy, I promise))
    Manon, good to see you too, thank you!
    Rhonda, thank you!
    Padmaja, thank you! Great to receive comment from oils master.
    Nil, I am so glad to read the comment like yours, thank you!


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