May 9, 2011


30x40cm, oil on board

My first oil painting, done in drawing class. Strange feeling. But I am very conservative, so no surprise here.
difficult to mix (comparing to my "water based" love),
pure white is no problem at all plus white is widely mixable everywhere, same with black;
I can not feel the tonal values,
too straightforward and easily controlled,
paint on new jeans - problem to remove,
wooden palette,

Now you know that I like drama)))

Watercolors drive me crazy and that is what I like about them. Unpredictable and difficult, even when you  presumptionsly assume that they are yielding. Looks it will be easier with oils.

Actually, now I have another strongest weapon to express my creativity. Pastels, pencils, ink, graphite, oils. And watercolor.

Today I was busy with office work. This music helped me to survive 3d Max activity on Sunny Spring Sunday.
Enjoy! Nigel Kennedy plays Doors. Several times I interrupted work and started wild dance. Hope you will, too.


  1. Irina was Great, it's always good to have knowledge of all techniques, the learning never ends and you have options to feed your creativity.
    The music is fantastic, made me travel to Russia.
    My congratulations on the work and studies.
    A hug and kiss.

  2. great job Irina!
    I agree with Nil, there is always something to learn!
    Ciao,have i nice week!

  3. HI Irina! Good job with the oils. As for the paint on your jeans, buy an apron or smock! :-) All of my clothes except a one or two "dress up" things have paint somewhere on them! And I do wear an apron! ha ha ha The paint leaps off of the brush or canvas onto a clean spot on my clothes. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

    Good job - as usual from The Irina

    Ken B

  4. PS You didn't catch your "wild dance" on a video did you? I'll buy a ticket when you publish! :-)

    Ken B


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