May 9, 2011


30x45cm (12"x18"), watercolor on Arches
 Orchid in bloom. I can not walk around it without looking admiringly at the perfect shape and color of the flower. So I paint it again.
Sketchbook, PITT pen and watercolor

EDM # 23 "Draw your foot". I do. Not the orchid for sure, too far from perfect. But the carpet is good. 100% wool.


  1. irina,

    the orchids are lifelike and beautiful...

    my hus(sethu) also has self portraits of feet in his collection...

    good work... congrats...

  2. I love this Orchid painting very much, Irina.
    Good drawing of your foot!

  3. Absolutely beautiful Orchid Irina, and the background color is really perfect.
    Very good sketching of your foot, a great fun sketch. Hugs

  4. The orchid is gorgeous, love it! And your foot made me laugh! The sketch is very good, but the carpet is good too! :)

  5. Irina, these orchids are beautiful!, very lively and cheerful. You've got a very rich nuances and excellent contrast.
    The foot and carpet, sensational.
    I like a lot!

  6. The orchid we define as beautiful, and the foot we don't. But each has its own use and its own beauty, and you represented them both very well!

  7. I liked the transparent petals with the veins and the color contrast has made it very attractive,as much as they are in real! The foot against a printed carpet was a great idea to execute!

  8. great foot ... the colours are beautiful in the orchid painting ..captured the form beautifully

  9. Absolutely perfect orchids!! I like the foot, too - it's fun to draw your parts as your model is pretty cheap and easy to entertain.

  10. Your Orchids are absolutely beautiful Irina, and the foot is almost perfect. Hugs.

  11. Jyothisethu, thank you! So you are the family of artists!
    Silvia, you are very kind!
    Jane, thank you! I will try this orchid more, I am so far from its perfectness.
    Nancy, Thank you))
    Carmen, you make me feel as if I did a masterpiece!
    Dimple, so wise, thank you!
    Padmaja, thank you!
    Jane, that is why I went to drawing class, to study drawing, great weapon in struggle with watercolor).
    Marta, thank you!
    Rhonda, just wait a little, I will find courage and get to my face)). Thank you!

  12. Irina these wonderful orchids, I thought his interpretation and oriental style.
    I loved it.

  13. Dear Irina,
    Amazing...your drawing and painting skills get better and better...!!!! You prove, "Practice makes perfect" for me.
    Kind regards, Sadami


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