May 17, 2011

Sketch of Church

Here I experiment with the sequence of layers. As I wrote 2 days ago here (link), my plan for next time was to put color masses first, then add ink to the dried paper and avoid pencil's help at all.
So for the first experiment it looks like it turned out very interesting, as the church's belfry has the spiritual radiance around it. Completely unexpected)).
And I used the frame, it makes the outdoor sketching so much easier! The article about this method is here, my version is here and was cut from a piece of thick cardboard.
Happy sketching! 


  1. Interesante Irina! No había probado esa técnica de primero pintura y después tinta. Buen resultado. Un saludo

    Irina Interesting! Had not proved the technique of painting first and then ink. Good result. Greetings

  2. Such a simple scene, but you make it so beautiful!

  3. The decision to put the color masses is wise and it does make the line work more impressive!

  4. Bravo Irina! Very nice sketch, and as you say yourself, the yellow around the church tower is a really happy accident. And thanks for the link..good inspiration. xx

  5. Amazing sketching. The color combination for the art is awesome.

  6. Well done Irina, your sketch looks very nice and the technique applied seems really interesting. Ciao!!

  7. beautiful sketching! --love the application of ink after the watercolor.

  8. Dear Irina,
    I admire your challenging spirit. I'm certain you will master pen and ink sooner or later. You have to teach me.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  9. Ficou lindíssima!! Um abraço, Marta

  10. J.Carlos, thank you! Try it, it is real fun.
    Pam, thank you! And I did it from true model, not photo. It felt so differently.
    Padmaja, thank you! It was exciting little adventure for me.
    Thank you, Jane!
    Kids, thank you and welcome!
    Tito, thank you. I have great friends for the inspiration.
    Thank you, Judybec!
    Sadami, thank you!!
    Marta, thank you!

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  12. i really love everything about this one irina !!!

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