June 18, 2011

3 in 1

My mom's photo from mid 60's. She is around 30 years  old here, studies in medical high school, lives with her sister in smallest flat possible and works as nurse. So there is no funds for expensive clothes, but look how elegant she is. The reason I am posting her photo here, well, I like it very much. And I sent it to Sartorialist blog (here), to be presented (maybe) in "Vintage photo" section of this wonderful fashion edition.

Today I collected my next oil sketch from the drawing class, the background full of rose fabrics looks very  defiantly)).
And music, it sounds so good.

Now, when "3 in 1" is completed, I wish you great week-end!


  1. Irina, you're right. Your mom looks very elegant. It's a lovely photo.

    You did a great job on the oil sketch - super colors.

  2. Beautiful Photo Irina,your mother is very nice!
    A hugs and good sunday!!

  3. this kind of photographs are very valuable...
    or the value could not be calculated...
    they always tell a story, something which is nostalgic and inspiring...

    congrats for the painting...

  4. I loved your 3 in 1 idea! Your mom is very elegant and the photo spells class, as if it is a poem..

  5. Hi Irina! Lovely photo of your mom, she certainly looks very elegant! And your painting is great, love the combination of orange and pink! Now I am going to listen to the music. Have a great weekend!

  6. Irina I really like this photo of your mother , so vintage...I think it would be nice to paint it...
    Your painting is very good , and it must have been quite difficult with all this fabric to give the right consistency, but you did a great job.
    And the music...beauuuutiful, really enjoyed it, sounds a bit like Leonard Cohen in this piece.
    Have a nice sunday and a big hug to you.

  7. Vintage photos have such a special feeling, it's great that you have this one from your mom, I love her pose

  8. Hi Irina, the photo of your mother is really nice and it has something special. Your mum looks very elegant indeed.
    Your oil painting looks beautiful. Hugs.

  9. Candy, thank you. I am glad that mother was so pleased when I told her about this "ray of popularity")
    Franz, thank you!
    Thank you, Jyothisethu! The old photos are priceless.
    Thank you, Padmaja!
    Judy, thank you, I hope you like the music as I did.
    Jane, thank you for your nicest comment. The music is from "Fireflies in the Garden" with Willem Defoe, nice movie.
    Thank you Teresa, I am so glad to see you here.
    Tito, thank you!

  10. I love the Sartorialist! Was your mother featured there?

  11. Petrea, she was not (yet?). But the joy of seeing her when I informed that her photo is in the web and showed it to her on monitor (in my blog) is worth every second of the attempt)).
    And thank you for the Sartorealist, I found it through the link in your blog!

  12. I'm glad! We have to be careful with that blog, it's addictive.


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