June 11, 2011

Jeanne Dobie About Greens

24x32cm, Lana paper

In her next chapter Jeanne Dobie explains how to avoid muddy, chalky, overmixed greens, how to make them transparent and natural. She makes color charts, explaining the amounts and sequence (my chart is here). It is interesting that she does not mix yellow and blue (as I usually do), but she takes cool green, cool yellow and adds a bit of red for the change of tone, temperature and color.
15x22, Sketchbook

Here are my two attempts. It looks like I have to read and practice this lesson for the second time..

The first sketch was inspired by photo of Petrea Burchard, and I draw the second one when opened the car door at the parking near my work place today (amazing how much beauty we miss when driving).
This is the book I learn from and post my lessons here: 


  1. Irina, I'm honored! It's a beautiful painting. I just love it.

  2. I was just thinking of doing a chart of different greens, using blue and yellow. I am very surprised by the greens of Jeanne Dobie. Thanks for sharing! Lovely paintings Irina!

  3. Two very beautiful paintings Irina ... the second one is my favorite though. I think it is incredible how many different levels you have created just using the greens. And done so beautiully.
    Have a nice sunday Irina.

  4. you integrated very well the lessons. The results are great. I like both. Regards.

  5. Beautiful paintings, Irina! It looks like you are using your greens very well.

  6. One more valuable lesson you have learned from this wonderful book Irina, it is very beautiful!

  7. Irina, they're both lovely. I especially like the view near your workplace.

  8. Both are beautiful Irina. I like the second one. I know very well how much difficult are the greens. Ciao!!

  9. Irina, Very good paintings, such cards with mixing greens are very helpfull.
    Cheers from Holland,

  10. Petrea, thank you so much!!!
    Judy, I always thought that charts are so boring and useless for me. But as part of exercise they turned to be very helpful.
    Jane, thank you so much. At a moment I am a bit obsessed with this scene, want to do it again in high but narrow size..
    Yulendys, thank you!!
    Rhonda, thank you!
    Padmaja, thank you!
    Candy, thank you! I will do this view again, can not stop thinking about it!
    Tito, thank you.
    Watercolorpainting, thank you!

  11. Irina, his lessons are very good, I also do not mix blue and yellow, I prefer to mix these colors to emerald green.

  12. You're doing good work here, thanks for the visit ;)


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