June 7, 2011

New Book

At last I have enough time for new book on my desk. I started to learn from Jeanne Dobie's "Making color sing" and enjoyed every page of it.
I will post here my steps.

Her basic transparent palette is
Aureolin (cool yellow), rose madder (cool red), cobalt blue (cool blue), Viridian (cool green).
Staining transparents:
Alizarin crimson (deep cool red), Winsor blue (deep cool blue), Winsor green (deep cool green).
Cad. yellow (warm yellow), cad. red (warm red), ultramarine (warm blue),
Very opaque:
Light red, Indian red.
She uses also raw sienna (mixing it with aureolin (more) and rose madder) and burnt sienna (mixing the same colors but opposite proportion).

  The sketch above is nothing about composition, but a lot about mixes of greys from the book (she names them "mouse power". All colors in my sketch were the mixtures of three primaries, varying sequence, amount and consistency of  colors. Who could guess grey able to look so variously??

Here is the study of the greys with the indication of the ingredients. Upper row shows how the compliment to the dominant color in grey mixture starts singing when in right company.
I have never made color charts, so new experience is very interesting.
The book is completed with amazing illustrations of Jeanne's paintings, so inspiring.


  1. Beautiful your palette,
    a great book for learning!!

  2. That is an interesting book, Irina! Thanks for sharing and showing your color charts!

  3. You are studying a lot Irina , and the results are showing! Every new post is a good surprise.
    Thank you for sharing the steps. xx

  4. Ficou linda esta aquarela. Um abraço, Marta.

  5. Seems to be a very informative book Irina.. I am sure you will make maximum use of it..I am seeing the result here:-)

  6. Hello Irina,
    Excellent watercolor class!
    I find it very good to share knowledge through blogs.

  7. Very ineresting post:) that book I want!


  8. Franz, sorry for the untidy palette, I photoshoped off the colors not mentioned in Mrs. Dobie's book.
    Judy, you are welcome. I will be happy to add more info.
    Jane, I am just lucky that I like to learn. Thank you!
    Thank you, Marta!
    Padmaja, thank you!
    Antonio, thank you!
    Helena, I plan to go on posting. At a moment, in the beginning, I am very happy with the book.

  9. It's the old version, but so instructive ! We are all at the same school ! Thank you for your passage on my blog ! ;)


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