June 16, 2011

Sketchbook #3

My sketchbook #3 was full today. 9 months and 65 pages of experience, joy and pleasure. The final pages were filled today at my parents place, surrounded by the summer in full bloom and patient parents, ready to pose for the "famous to be soon" artist as long as needed for the masterpiece to be created.))


  1. Irina, closed with a golden key.
    Great production, congratulations.
    Now it's getting sketchbook # 4, we can not stop :)
    A big hug!!!

  2. Really Nice sketch of your parents . Not that I know How they Look like, But I like the image and the direct drawing.

    Take care!

  3. Love the sketch of your parents! I hope to see more sketches of sketchbook #4!

  4. Irina I love your sketches, especially the last one really tells the story.
    Very pretty the new photograph of yourself :-)

  5. Beautiful sketchs Irina!

  6. Good sketches!
    Love the last one of your parents, beautiful scene of relax.

  7. Good sketches as usual, Irina. Like the last one with your parents taking a rest. Ciao!!

  8. So pretty! I like the sketch of your parents very much. The new profile picture is wonderful too! You are a true beauty.

  9. Beautiful. I love the red flowers and the portrait of your parents.

  10. Nil, thank you! Sketchbook #4 is waiting.

    Helena, thank you for your comment and your busy time!

    Judy, # 4 will be doubled in dimensions, yet again new experience is waiting))

    Jane, thank you!!

    Antonio, thank you!

    Silvia, I am so glad.

    Thank you, Tito!

    Judy, you make me blush)) thank you!

    Dimple, thank you!


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