July 17, 2011

Big Size Paper

It started when I bought big size wooden painting surface. I decided that time has come and I was ready for big art. 75x55cm (29.5"x21.6") is no funny size, believe me.
Only when I soaked and stretched paper, I realized how really big this frame was. And that I had no clear idea about the "masterpiece" content. So it took almost 2 months to find the subject, to draw it and to finish it with oil pastels. And to realize how difficult and responsible the artist's activity is. And how much work and practice lays ahead.
These girls are the angels on my kitchen shelf. They watch and protect me (yes, I believe). The friend of mine, when saw this painting was surprised: "oh, you started children's pictures?" The artist is so often misunderstood.. It was serious work, somehow turned into lot of fun and joy..


  1. You are very brave to paint such a big size painting! I love the little angels, I am a believer too! Great work!

  2. Oooooohh once you go big Irina you won't stop! it's very scary at first but then you get hooked. I can imagine how much work you've put onto this, a lot of space to fill with those oil pastels, yet you got such a nice texture with them!

  3. I am so glad that you share your beautiful artwork here so that we can see what you have been doing.
    I treasure the painting you sent me. It is hanging on my bedroom wall where I see it when I first wake up. Then I think of you.

  4. Really have to give importance to your paper, it interferes with the creation of course.
    Irina'm wonderful, very fun and entertaining for sure, would love to meet them.

  5. I believe that working on large format is often a challenge for a painter. Considering that it was your first big format, I think you really did a beautiful work. Congratulations, Irina.

  6. You are on the right track with the big size! The subject you chose has rightly fit in and this composition is telling me a story! I love the angels, sure they are taking care of you..

  7. Wonderful pastel Irina! very beautiful work! its looks antastic, allthose characters and details are absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Very beautiful design!
    I love crayons.

  9. I love this. It looks close to an illustration for an American Greeting card.

  10. Judy, thank you! It is easy to be brave when you are not too serious about your art.))
    Teresa, thank you! I was thinking to stop in the process, but girls were waiting))
    Judy, you are so kind!
    Nil, thank you!
    Tito, I had big formats, but in my drawing class. This one is first autonomous.
    Padmaja, thank you!
    Mikko, you are very kind, thank you!
    Antonio, thank you!
    Tim, thank you!!


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