July 15, 2011

Buildings Sketching

Faber Castell PITT Sepia Brush and "S" ink pens

I posted about this building in my Moscow Daily photo blog (here). When I finished with photos, it felt not enough, so I sketched it.  

And, as there is no color here, I would add some info about reds in my previous "Lilies" post. It is the answer to Judy from Da Draad Aquarellen blog (link here, please visit, she is watercolor master!) question.

For petals I  used Yarka's reds: Scarler (110), Cad Yellow (102), Carmine (112) (ref. at Dick Blick's page).

I met different reactions to the quality of this brand's watercolors, from serious critic to admiration. But they are cheap, and I believe that true masterpieces do not depend only on quality of pigments)). Did you hear about Whiskey painters of America, for example?


  1. First, that is a great pen and ink sketch, Irina!
    Second, thank you for the wonderful compliment and the information about the reds! I am missing some good reds in my palette, they sometimes dry up looking dirty and dull. My paints are study quality. Maybe I have to try the whiskey? :)
    Now I am going to look at your Moscow Daily blog!

  2. Masterpieces come from artists like YOU!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    My posts seem to be updating again!!!! Hooray!

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  3. Gorgeous scetch! Beautiful work, Irina!

  4. Great scetch Irina,
    jan Neggers( cabap )
    I have troubles with my blog account so I post this as Anonymous

  5. Irina beautiful work, very well done, congratulations


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