July 26, 2011

Summer Mood

These are two summer sketches from the garden. 
Values. Slowly I start to understand them, practice helps a lot. 

On train to St Petersburg (I post two more photos from the trip below) I read excellent pages, printed from the text I  saw here, Innisart's "Underpaintings" blog, and saved for reference. 
It was "Fixler's Laws", the drawing and painting instructions of gifted teacher and talented artist.
So exact and detailed information on drawing, painting, values, light and shadow, I hope it will be useful for you, too.

Pavlovsk, Ex-Pond
Onions of Peterhof Palace


  1. I don't know which I enjoy more - your sketches or your photos. They are both great. Love the strawberry!

  2. Fell in love with your garden painting, so so beautiful Irina! Enjoyed the photos as well.. checked out the link.. as much as you learn at an art class :-)

  3. are you going to paint the "onions" irina ? wish i could one day ... beautiful photos ... delighful sketches ...we are picking wild stawberries here ..ciao jane

  4. Irina, I love this garden painting! - and you have a very pretty garden .. the strawberry looks really juicy and delciously red.

  5. Sketches and pictures....all are very nice! Ciao Irina!

  6. Enhorabuena Irina, preciosas acuarelas y muy bonitos tus trabajos en fotografia. un saludo.

  7. Hello Irina,
    I loved the paintings, especially the watering in the greenhouse. The photos, beautiful as always!
    A hug from the studio

  8. I like the watercolour with the watering can, simply super! You are a great artist!

  9. I don't know if you find artistic inspiration in boats reflecting on the water, but the August 1 theme day post in Perth, Australia, Daily Photo would make a challenging but potentially rewarding subject, in my view from the perspective of having modest artistic knowledge and even less talent.

  10. Dear Irina,
    You have very good eyes to feel colours and reorganize values. I feel you're RIGHT on a track. Go, Irina, go! Keep up your style and explore what you have fully. You'll bloom out.

  11. Nancy, thank you!
    Padmaja, thank you! I experimented a lot with background in "roses" sketch, from light to very dark.
    Jane, I do, from time to time. It is difficult to avoid "onions" in Moscow.
    Theresa, thank you!
    Thank you, Tito!
    Jose, thank you!
    Antonio, you are so kind!
    Pascal, thank you!
    Dave, thank you for the link and idea!
    Sadami, thank you!


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