August 17, 2011

2 Weeks. Part 2

And then, when I finished observing the sea, I realized that people around me are great painting models and the sunlight contrasts are waiting to be painted:
Girl lying on the corner of the pier,

Lady, sitting on the stone,

Lady walking along the seashore,

And couple, looking so separated in the joy of sunbathing.
I experimented with skin colors, contrasts, cool and warm combinations and like the experiments very much.
I started painting on the shore, but then photo camera helped me to finish, as outdoors it became too hot too soon for me.


  1. Fantástico Irina. Los contrastes entre luces y sombras y el colorismo que has empleado hacen muy bellas estas acuarelas. Me gusta mucho el de la chica tumbada con esa fuerte mezcla de complementarios azules y naranjas. Enhorabuena.
    Un abrazo.

  2. Fabulous sketches, Irina! I can't pick a favorite, they are all so good! Maybe the first one I love best!

  3. Wonderful sketches. They make me want to go to the beach and bask in the sun.

  4. Amazing!
    Works great, my favorite is the girl lying!
    Congrats Irina!!


  5. Beautiful watercolors and compositions!
    A hug

  6. Great! My favourites is The second and The last one! Well done:)

  7. Estupendo Irina!, me gusta mucho el primero y los contrastes que consigues en el resto. Un saludo

  8. Thank you, Kubi! I am so glad I find time to practice more.
    Judy, thank you! I am more sure about the first one, too))
    Carol, which means that the power of art works!))
    Thank you, Francesco!
    Antonio, you are so kind!
    Helena, I am so glad.
    Thank you, J.Carlos!

  9. Fascinating work.
    It has been delightful
    to visit your gallery.
    Good Creations


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