August 15, 2011

2 Weeks

These are the sketchbook pages of the past two weeks.

As you can see it was busy time:

every morning I had coffee (EDM #28, Draw an appliance),

then I enjoyed the one particular flower bud,

on my way to the sea where I tried to draw waves and boats.

More about my vacations to follow.


  1. That probably is the way I want to spend a week for myself! But no chance :-(.. anyway.. I loved the way you conveyed the thoughts with a series of sketches.. the last one makes a lovely painting too!

  2. These are some beautiful paintings by Irina again !! You use water colors very beautifully !!Great..

  3. I like your watercolors. I particularly like the coffee maker.

  4. Fantastic works Irina! very beautiful!

  5. Padmaja, thank you. I hope you will get the opportunity to relax and spend the week in right conditions).
    Antonio, thank you!
    Thank you, dear Rajasthan!
    Carol, thank you!
    Mikko, you are so kind to my sketches, thank you!


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