August 29, 2011

Dad's Shoes

Ink in sketchbook

This sketch was inspired by the drawing manual I finished reading today. It was Betty Edwards' (link to Amazon) "Drawing on Right Side of the Brain". She is so right and so helpful.

After learning in one year Photoshop, 3D-max, Corel Draw and hand drawing I am sure that in my case the learning with manuals starts working after you have short, but your own experience with the subject, based on practice, bumps and random discoveries by simple "Try and do" method. Then manuals become priceless. Not before.

And now I want to share with you the frightening western I saw today. The name is "Dog Against Cat (Western)"


  1. Interesting book! Your drawing is great!
    And I am not surprised about the winner of the exciting western. :)

  2. I love the sketch book drawing. It has a very classic feel.

  3. That is a great book!!!
    I love the sketch!!!

  4. Very beautiful sketch!

  5. Hi,hard working Irina,
    Congrats! The sketch is nice. Always I go back to B&W.

  6. Excelente dibujo Irina. De cosas y motivos sencillos consigues unos resultados extraordinarios. Enhorabuena.
    Un abrazo.

  7. It is a touching momement of sketching I feel.. glad you thought of doing them, they look fabulous and full of love:-)

  8. Judy, I am glad!
    Oh, Tim, thank you!
    Manon, I am so glad to see you here! Thank you!
    Antonio, you are so kind!
    Thank you, Sadami!
    Thank you, Kubi!
    Padmaja, I told him: Dad, now your old boots will be immortalized! He was glad)))

  9. I sure would not have thought of doing art with shoes of the subject! DUH! It takes a free mind to see the beauty in "everyday" objects. :-) Good for you! I'm thinking that the "Western" was rigged in the cat's favor. How about a rematch? ha ha ha ha


  10. Ken, there are so many wonderful subjects to draw around us! Thank you so much. The story about the cat is true western: first - music, then - from the first second you know who is the winner, but keep watching in tension)).

  11. Great sketch of your dad's shoes. Loved the video!

  12. Hi Irina,
    I liked the work you have shared in the last three or four posts. The pastel flower is especially effective!
    Many thanks for including the funny video with this post! Cats & dogs are very entertaining!


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