August 26, 2011


 24x32cm, Watercolor on Lana paper
 My next painting is contribution to the challenge in "A nos pinceaux" blog. Paper was very absorbing, it felt as if it was thirsty. Maybe the air is too dry and I have to wet paper few hours before I plan to paint.
The link to the challenge blog and talented entries is here.

I bought Cornelian cherries, with the idea to eat or cook smth interesting. To eat them raw was not good plan (too astringent and sour), but they happen to be great art inspiration material. Do you have any idea how to cook them? Because how to paint them I almost know))


  1. Oh Irina, you did the challenge wonderfully! Such a difficult reference picture for watercolor! I tried but I could not do it.
    The cherries I don't know but they look paint!

  2. Hello Irina,
    Very beautiful Watercolor and photo!

  3. You really did well with this one.. I know how tough it is to arrive at this result.. the berries look lovely to paint.. but if I had them, I would make hot spicy pickle:-)

  4. Judy, thank you. Do not be too exacting to yourself, we love the process of painting, if the result turns out good, it is double pleasure.
    Antonio, thank you!
    Padmaja, thank you! I am not fixed on the result of painting, this attitude gives freedom and easiness, which are great help to the result..

  5. The flower painting is very beautiful, Irina!


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