August 2, 2011


This one is my tribute to Rookiepainter's April challenge. I was intrigued by the combination of whites, shadows, reflections. But time to paint this intrigue arrived only yesterday.

After almost month of sketchbook painting, the 24x32cm white sheet looked frightening. And the effort was needed to start.
Now, when the work is finished, I see a lot of weak details, but the process of cooperation with paint and brushes was so much happiness and joy.  

And I also post my tonal study, did it for the first time. It was not big help in painting preparation, but many painters do value sketches, so I did, too!


  1. Very intriguing picture, I can see why it inspired you. Your painting is great! I never do tonal studies, why wasn't it helpful, Irina?

  2. Judy, thank you!
    It was not helpful, because for me another method is more effective: When looking at the photo (still life, whatever) almost close one eye and close other eye completely and the tonal sketch is here, without pencil and paper), no details, just values and colors in big masses.

  3. Excelente Irina, me parece una buena prueba.Un saludo

  4. Hello Irina,
    beautiful sketches and watercolor!

  5. I loved your version,, white and shadows are always interesting.. I will try out your above hint for values:-)

  6. Thank you Irina! I do that eye thing sometimes, but I'm going to do it more often, good tip! ;-)

  7. Excellent work, Irina, really beautiful your vases!
    I have never painted vases but they are a subejct that I like, sooner or later I will try. Ciao!

  8. Lovely shapes and the colors work well together. A lot of artists don't do value studies but use your squint method - or a read sheet of plastic over the photos, or just make a black and white photo printout and use that - so many ways to get to the end :)

  9. Hi Irina, I really like your vases - beautiful!

    Keep up the good work:)

    Rgds helena

  10. I like your painting very much, Irina, the colors and values are great!

  11. You did a great job capturing light in this piece!

  12. J.Carlos, thank you!
    Antonio, I am so glad!
    Padmaja, I will be glad if the method works. It was really challenge to start the white vases, then it turned into very interesting adventure.
    Tito, there are so many inspirations all around us, for me the strongest ones are the blog posts of painters.
    Rhonda, Photoshop can be great help, even make most of the job, black&white, blurring, watercolor effects, limited palette, but it feels like cheating, and, as always with cheating, it is very seducing)))
    Helena, thank you!
    Blaga, I am so glad.
    Tim, thank you, you are so kind.


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