September 29, 2011


A3 (12"x16"), Pastel

Painting landscapes is one of great pleasures. I forgot it, as concentrated mostly on still lives to improve my technique. It is like watching the small details, focused and concentrated. And then, suddenly, get the wings and see the wide world.

This is my contribution to Studio Atelier challenge (here).  

Pastel sticks are so dusty. And I have to remember not to use fingers, though they are the best pastel grinding tool)).


  1. Hello Irina. What beautiful greens--the touches of red add such depth, and the purple mountains make a lovely contrast. And thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

  2. Hi Irina! Your pastel is beautiful! I wonder what can we use to paint with pastels, other than our fingers! I learned to use a mask or to worl open air, because pastels are pure pigments, they ate toxic. Just a hint . Hugs from Anamaria

  3. Hello Irina,
    I liked the design in pastel colors in it I saw that I use and like very much!
    You're coloring with joy and warmth!
    A big hug

  4. Hi Irina, this pastel landscape looks very nice, I like the variety of greens you used. Well done. Hug! Tito.

  5. Beautiful and full of light, love the white stone in the foreground.
    Have a nice weekend my dear:-)

  6. Esta técnica del pastel se te da de maravilla Irina. Enhorabuena y un saludo.

  7. Beautiful colors and I like seeing the marks made by pastel - not all softened out :)

  8. Hi Irina, I really like your Rocky Mountain pastel. I've always found pastels difficult, precisely because of the dust. You did a wonderful job here.

  9. Wow, excellent job Irina! I like all of the warm colors in this piece.

  10. Wow... This is wonderful work Irina, these colors are so are a good painter and photographer.

    i will follow your blogs from now on.

    warm greetings, Joop

    thanks for your comment, but i'am not a profi photographer , just a amateur.

  11. Hello Laura! Thank you very much and welcome to my blog!
    Anamaria, thank you so much for your advice and kindest comment. I use foam rubber pieces, but fingers are the best)).
    Antonio, thank you! My drawing teacher says that she sees Georgian blood in my colorful painting, and I like it))!
    Thank you, Tito!
    Jane, thank you so much! This stone looks too white one week later))
    Thank you J.Carlos!
    Rhonda, thank you!
    Carol, pastels are fine, as soon as you have vacuum cleaner around). Thank you very much!
    Thank you, Tim!
    Joop, thank you and welcome!


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