September 28, 2011


I am late with "Onions" contribution to Rookiepainter challenge (here). A lot of things to do did not leave time for painting, but these onions were holding my attention very tight.
I used watercolor, watercolor pencils, pastel pencil and PITT sepia marker here. I was sorry that A3 size (12"x16") was not enough for my hungry hands. And I wanted to make them red, really red!
Someone was missing doing painting for sure..))

Recently I have received a letter from the New York art gallery which offered me the supervising and promotion of my art in their gallery during a year. For the annual fee of 3450USD. Interesting offer, isn't it?


  1. Wonderful painting! The red is fabulous! You did good dreaming about experimenting! :)

  2. A show of watercolors!
    The simple themes give us the opportunity to make art without competition model of beauty itself.

  3. I loved them more so because you thought of using red! I like your free spirit!

  4. Looking at your onions makes me think that my eyes will water if someone cuts them. I can almost feel the stinging.

    Interesting offer from the New York gallery. I would think it is better if they just share the revenue from your paintings that they sell, without charging you a fee. It is a well-deserved compliment to your art.

  5. Beautifully painted onions, and the red really pulls out 'character' !

  6. Beautifully painted Irina - the skins look crumpled and crispy, just as real onions should be!

  7. Judy, Trevena's book is really full of ideas and freedom, makes one want to experiment! Amazing effect))

    Antonio, I never could guess that onions are so inspiring)) thank you!

    Padmaja, thank you!

    Dave, thank you so much!
    I think the gallery problem is people often think that they are smarter then the other, though such letters help to keeps oneself in vigor.

    Stefanie, Hi and Welcome!

    Jane, thank you!

  8. Beautiful painting, Irina, with good 3D volume and texture. I really like it!

  9. The colors, and textures of the onions are wonderful - the skin has the thin translucent feeling to it :)

  10. Irina, this is beautiful! So well painted.
    Pay no attention to those offers. I get them too. Any gallery that really wanted to represent us wouldn't be asking us for thousands of dollars.
    Thanks for coming over to my blog :D

  11. Hi Irina, I made a painting of the onions for Rookiepainter but didn't submit it. Time went past too quickly AND I just forgot to send it in! DUH

    Maybe if you sold hundreds of paintings for insane prices you might recoup the 3,450 dollars? NOT

    Big hugs


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