September 2, 2011

The Peony

I did not realized that I missed the pastel sticks so much.
It was double pleasure: straight and clear pastel colors (in comparison to watercolor which always has independent opinion how it should behave in my paintings)) and dark grey-green paper (I tried tinted paper for the first time and loved the effect).
Many many thanks to Jen and her "Rookiepainter challenge" for these pleasures and possibility to draw flowers.


  1. The layout of the flowers against the dark back ground and the petal structures makes this painting very striking!

  2. ¡Qué luz y que contraste mas estupendos has conseguido Irina! Y el fondo es genial. Un saludo

    What contrasting light and you get more great Irina! And the background is great. A greeting

  3. Lovely work. I think the dark paper works well with this mostly white flower :)

  4. Hello Irina,
    beatiful flowers, talent and colors

  5. Hi Irina, what a beautiful work, i like very much the light and the strong contrast between the the flowers and the background. Well done!

  6. Very beautiful pastel, Irina! Your whites are gorgeous!

  7. Me gusta mucho el fuerte contraste que le has dado al fondo. Hace que la flores sobresalgan de forma impresionante.
    Un abrazo.

  8. Do you use chalk or oil pastel sticks? These are quite beautiful.

  9. Judy, thank you!
    Padmaja, dark paper did this drawing, I think.
    J.Carlos, thank you very much!
    Rhonda, thank you! Paper was dark grey-green, I also added black chalk and it turned into background which I liked very much.
    Christiane, thank you!
    Antonio, thank you!
    Tito, thank you and welcome back!
    Gabriella, thank you!
    Blaga, pastel is a relief when compared to my "naughty" watercolors. Thank you!
    Kubi, thank you!
    Carol, it is chalk pastel. Thank you!


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