September 8, 2011


EDM task "Draw a book" (link to list) turned into the painting of the bookshelf.

This is the last drawing in my Montenegro series. Bye, summer, bye, sunny Montenegro.

Quick sketches of people from the cafe window. The cafe was near underground station and my models supposed to stand still and wait for their appointments. Instead, they were so restless, could not be motionless for a minute and wait till I draw them correctly)).


  1. I love the painting of your bookshelf! And your sketches are very good too!

  2. Love the bookshelf painting - and you did really well with the sketches of the people who can't stand still. I think we all have problems with stillness, we're so fidgety all the time.

  3. Hi Irina, I like your bookshelf for its original composition and colors. Your sketches are also very nice. Hug.

  4. Hello Irina,
    like a lot of his watercolors. The still life with books is unique and well painted! Thanks for the comments on my blog.
    A big hug

  5. Maybe your models were a bit undisciplined, but you drew them very well, you must be in quite good training :-). And your watercolors are both beautiful, I specially like the originality of the bookshelf.

  6. The books painting look very original and so beautiful Irina, it will look great on a library wall :-)

  7. Cardesin, you are so polite))))
    Judy, thank you!
    Rhonda, thank you, you are so right!
    Tito, thank you. I have great school here, when blog and see your posts.
    Antonio, thank you!
    Jane, thank you and welcome back!
    Padmaja, thank you! Great idea about library.


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