October 28, 2011

Autumn Day

Where does inspiration come from? Why one day you see ordinary building and feel that you have to stop and start sketching otherwise you can die (well, too much drama here, but you have got the point)). And why next day you see beautiful buildings, colors, composition and turn away your head in disappointment?
I hope this disappointment will leave me alone and the joy of creating will be back.

Meanwhile I post the quick sketch done with Pentel ink-brush pen. I have just bought it and could not figure out how the pen worked, the brush was almost dry all the time. Then I added some watercolor pencils. And returned back to "I do not want anything arty around me" mood.

I hope your creativity never leaves you.


  1. Last week I bought an ink-brush pen too. First it was too dry, but now too much ink is coming out. I have to learn how to use it maybe, very disappointing. I hope your creativity comes back soon!

  2. Irina, you may feel like your creativity has left, but I would never have guessed it after looking at your lovely sketch.

    I always feel a kind of longing and happy/sad, bitter/sweet at this time of year.

  3. Hi Irina! Maybe you know the saying "after the storm comes the lull". It happens to everybody and I think it's necessary.Like "breath in, breath out". The rhythm of life. Soon your creativity will come, stronger than ever, I'm sure.

    I agree with Candy, your sketch is really beautiful!

  4. I, also, have these slumps with my art - I am in one now I'm afraid. And it may be the season & weather change that caused it. This has happened before, and the muse came back in a little while -- yours will too. In the meantime, I like this sketch you did. I wish I could spontaneously do such sketches.

  5. Have faith Irina , inspiration will be back, I know, because mine just came back after months of disappearing! It is frustrating, but it happens to all of us. Your sketch above doesn't seem to be influenced by your lack of inspiration....well done!

  6. Hi Irina. Is it a black Pentel ColorBrush or a Pentel BrushPen that you have? They are very different pens.

    You need to squeeze the ink compartment occasionally on a ColourBrush when the brush fibres start to dry out. The BrushPen is like a normal fountain pen with a cartridge but a brush rather than a nib and the ink flows constantly without any squeezing required - unless it's faulty :( Actually I quite like the dry effect on the ColorBrush! The BrushPen is really designed for Japanese writing.

    Lovely sketch by the way ... and don't worry, the inspiration will return!

  7. Hi Irina, I fully agree with Jane. Do not worry to much about creativity....as we said in Italy is something that "viene e va" (comes and goes)!!Un abbraccio.

  8. Hi Irina, To me, your post text reads that you need a break. If you have a struggle creating your art you are probably burdened with the rest of your life - work and etc.

    Take a break and come back strong when the mood strikes.

    Take care,


  9. You call it a quick sketch, I call it a lovely painting! Your artwork is so unique and creative and inspiring. I look forward to your next painting!

  10. That is a beautiful sketch Irina.. we do go through those moods,quite normal.. but the creativity never goes away though:-)

  11. Friends, you breath inspiration and creativity into this blog by your comments!
    Judy, thank you! We have to practice more with these ink-pens to learn their character.
    Candy, thank you! You are so right, autumn is dangerous for grey sky depressions.
    Anamaria, thank you so much for calming words.
    Nan, thank you! I hope your "slump" will finish very soon and never return.
    Jane, thank you. I am glad your inspiration is back, your posts of last weeks are amazing.
    Jane, thank you!
    Michael, it is sepia Pentel ColorBrush, and I like the "rainy" effect of the dry brush in my sketch. Thank you so much!
    Thank you, Tito.
    Ken, thank you so much for this great advice!
    Thank you Antonio!
    Katherine, thank you so much, here is my inspiration gathers power, in the comments like this one)).
    Padmaja, thank you!


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