October 10, 2011


My friend Louise (dive into her amazing photoblog!) honored me with this award and gave me the opportunity to pass it on to my favorite 15 bloggers and their blogs, so special, versatile and unique. Thank you, Dimple!
But before fulfilling this pleasant part I have to include 7 facts about me, which sounds a lot more difficult to my introvert nature. But rule is rule, so:
1. I prefer to wake up late and go to sleep late.
2. Between celery and ice-cream I choose ice-cream.
3. One part of me feels like a queen, another part feels like a loser.
4. The older I get, queen becomes stronger.
5. I can watch Paul Newman's movies like spellbound.
6. Being a chief-cook is my "Plan B". 
7. I can read small letters with my left eye and look far with my right eye, myopia and presbyopia.

And now the award goes to (alphabetically):
11. Joan Coch
16. Watercolors and Words

17. World Is a Rainbow

I have to stop now... And I am so sorry that I can not keep on awarding so many talents I know and admire.


  1. Thanks for the award you passed on to me Irina!
    I loved your friend's photo blog.. just awesome! N now I know some interesting facts about you :-)

  2. Congratulations Queen Irina! And I would always choose ice cream over celery too.

  3. Thanks Irina for the award, makes me warm and very flattered:) I have to visit your friends blog when I got more time!


  4. Congratulation! And thank you Irina, I am quite proud of being included :-) It was nice to get to know more of you even if small details and also to discover new bloggers .
    Wish you a great week.

  5. Congratulations, Irina! So now I know 7 more things about you! :) Thanks for including me in this list of wonderful blogs, I am very honoured!

  6. Irina, congratulations!! Enjoy painting more and more.

  7. Congratulations for this virtual award, Irina. You are quite versatile with your artwork :) And thanks for including me in the your list - I will have to post about this and pass it on to some of my blogger faves this coming week.

  8. Thank you Irina. I'm honored to be among your blogger friends. I hope someday we will meet over ice cream (not celery), either in Moscow or Jerusalem.

  9. Girls, I am sorry I did not send you personal notes, I finished this post at 2am and just could not.
    I am so glad to pass it on to you!
    Carol, thank you! Queen Irina? Funny! (much better then "loser"..)
    Sadami, thank you so much!

  10. Strangely, a lot of those items sound like me! Thanks for the award, Irina! I'm flattered.

  11. Thank you, Irina, I'm honored to be among such distinguished company!

  12. Thank you for pleasure to see and read your blogs!

  13. Thank you, Irina. It's so wonderful to exchange regularly with you. To see glimpses of your world. To share moments of my world with you. And to have a conversation with each other through our comments. My world is richer because of you. I so appreciate this award though I'm afraid I'm not very good at passing this sort of thing along. I hope you won't think me ungrateful.

  14. Congratulations Irina! youhave wonderful and very interesting page!
    Thank you so much! i am honored!


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