October 30, 2011


The roses on the kitchen table are so beautiful that my deep frozen creativity was activated and started showing the signs of the revival)).
300gr. Arches paper is amazing.

This handsome with fashionable hairdo was smiling at me waiting for the apple. He knows the art of pleasing for sure)). This photo is one of my Zoo photos done about month ago. I went there to make sketches but ended up photographing the beauties.. 


  1. Hello Irina,
    I love your comments always nice and competent.
    His painting is very unique, all your work has a touch of modernity.
    a hug

  2. They look amazing! I saw the roses as a thumbnail and there is an amazing depth in this painting!

  3. This is really super Irina, and as Judy pointed out , there is great depth. Glad that your deep frozen inspiration woke up!

  4. Beautiful roses, Irina. I think your creativity has never been frozen, but these roses and yellow wrapper (I love), revive anyone. They are very cheerful, wonderful!

    Gorgeous horse!

    Thanks for visiting my photo blog.
    Happy Weekend

  5. Nice to see your creativity blossom Irina!

  6. Inspiration is coming back....wonderful roses Irina! Hug.

  7. Great watercolor, I love roses and these are beautiful. A greeting

  8. Beautiful bouquet of roses,congrats Irina!
    Have a nice week!

  9. Antonio, thank you!
    Judy, Jane, I am so glad, thank you!
    Thank you Carmen!
    Gry, you are so kind!
    Thank you, Tito!
    J.Carlos, thank you so much!
    Francesco, thank you!

  10. To do a bouquet in water colour is a challenge for me, you seemed to have dealt with it with so much of ease!

  11. Irina, your roses are so special and unique,they have your brand.I love them! But the horse, though beautiful, makes me sad. I hate zoos, animals should live free.xx

  12. Claudio, thank you and welcome!
    Padmaja, thank you! I want to reach the loose and freedom watercolor gives to painting, but still my paintings are more like done in oils, I will keep going))
    Anamaria, thank you so much! As for the zoos, I felt completely as you did, but then went to the zoo to make drawings. And I felt there, that it was the place of joy and kindness, as city children have the only opportunity to see, to get close to the nature, to pet animals in the zoos. And my attitude changed.


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