November 11, 2011

Black Cat

24x32cm, Montval paper
Her name is Dashka and she lives in the village where my parent's summer house is located.
The watchman of the village thinks that Dashka is his cat as his dog and his chickens are.
But Dashka knows that she is free soul and that she belongs to the world. So all the villagers are allowed from time to time to feed her, pet her and make photos of her. Watchman is also allowed to provide sleeping place for her.

That time (few weeks ago) she allowed my parents to feed her and I was jumping around during the process, trying to make a photo, but every time focus was unfocused and exposure was overexposed.
I decided it was time to negotiate. Dasha, I told her in polite Russian, please. Stand still for one moment, I will  make your photo and try to paint a cat from it (as I have never painted cats before).
The free soul stopped, glanced at me, cleaning her cheeks after breakfast, "Do it, Silly!" (and I did), and then left me, slowly and with dignity.


  1. Very beautiful cat and watercolor!
    Congratulations Irina

  2. I'm glad cat posed for you. She would be proud of the finished painting.

  3. She is so beautiful, she posed really well!

  4. Love it the black Cat! Beautiful paint!!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Ha ha Irina, I think I should have to learn how to speak in polite russian , if these are the results you get :-))
    Good cat ...and good painter!

  6. Cats are so proud, independent and...funny too! Dashka is cute and your watercolor did her justice! Happy painting, Irina

  7. Cats think the whole world is their territory! I am scared of cats a bit though have compassion to feed them.. this village sounds like a typical Indian village here:-)
    Loved your work to bring her to life Irina!

  8. Hi Irina, I like your lovely Dashka, her eyes are so intense....she looks really indipendent. Have a good week end! Ciao.

  9. Friends, thank you so much for your comments, I appreciate them veeeerry much!


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