November 14, 2011

The Private Room

I was in the art gallery last week and after enjoying the exposition I pried behind the back partition and saw this creative place, the office of the gallery owner. Liked it very much and made a sketch at home, based on fast photo.

Today I received a letter from Rhonda Carpenter, creative and vetsatile talent. She celebrates the 5th anniversary of her blog and she chose me for her giveaway. Rhonda, thank you so much! I will send you letter with mailing details right now!

One more thing today. I want to share with you the link to the blog of talented artist I found recently. When I finished panting of my black cat, I decided to Google: "cats in watercolor, images" and noticed this artist  David Scheirer, and his blog liked it from first glance. Maybe old news for you, but it was really inspiring to see his art.


  1. I checked out the link to David's blog. His puppy painting was adorable--a lot of talent. But I do love your work. Your sketch of the gallery office catches the essence of it.

  2. I like so much your sketch, Irina! Reminds me of Urban Sketchers. Now I'm going to visit David's blog, bye!

  3. ArtyMarti, thank you. Blog_o_world is so full with talents, it amazed and inspires me all the time. Thank you!

    Anamaria, I think my enthusiasm about sketching was inspired and started by Urban Sketchers blog, then it turned into my joy and pleasure. Thank you!

  4. Your drawings and sketches are always great!

  5. A great sketch, Irina! I love Urban Sketchers. Davids blog is wonderful!

  6. Hello Irina,
    Very beautiful post!
    " em portugues eu diria que adorei seu desenho, tenho muita simpatia pelo seu blog. "
    A hug

  7. wowow.. such intricate details covered amazingly well Irina! Now on to David's blog...

  8. loved Dashka!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  9. I really like this sketch of the private room. And thanks for the link to the watercolor artist. I will go take a look.

  10. Really nice feel in the ink drawing. I like the reflection on the ground. Benoit

  11. nice sketch...
    the glazed floor is beautiful...

    studio tuesday is nice...


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