November 6, 2011

Saturday in Sketchbook

Quick sketch of the corner of the cafe where I was waiting for my friend yesterday. They serve amazing pirogee (pies) with different fillings there, cherry-pie was super. 
I wanted to repeat the shapes of the Vienna chairs and table (we call them Vienna here).

And the oil painting I finished in my drawing class a week ago and collected yesterday, when it dried. The idea of the lesson was to draw different shades of white in cool light.
Oil on board, 35x45cm


  1. Great work Irina! Love the sketch! Difficult to paint all those whites in the oil painting, but you did a very good job!

  2. Is there no medium you do not use? :-) I stumble along with oils only and you are so . . . talented is the word I guess that I'm looking for.


  3. Irina I think your oil painting is very good, amazing how many shades of pale there is ...I would call it 'A whiter Shade of pale' like the song by Procul Harem :-) , but I just love your sketch... like all your sketches anyway, - there is something about them that really appeals to me.

  4. Hello Irina,
    I like your watercolors, art and charm!
    A hug

  5. Jane has put it so well. Your oil painting is very good but the informal cafe sketch you did is delightful and has a wonderful sense of place. What a lovely memory of your meeting with your friend too :)

  6. Hi Irina, both works are beautiful, I admire a lot your versatility with the various medium and techniques! Ciao!

  7. I just love the first one Irina! It is beautiful!

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  9. Your sketch is very charming. It has such atmosphere. Not easy to do the chairs to scale. I reposted because of a spelling error.

  10. Your oil painting has turned out very classy Irina, would love to see more and more of them from you!

  11. Nice studies. I like how you handled the chairs in the cafe sketch and I love the cubes on the plate in the oil painting.

  12. Thank you so much for your comments, I am sorry I could not react at once!

    ArtyMarti, thank you!

    Judy, thank you! The whites are really a problem, but oil is much more cooperative then watercolors in whites areas..

    Ken you are so kind to me, thank you!

    Thank you, Jane. I like sketch (which was fun and ease) more then oil painting (which was class work and I had to be a good girl when painting it))).

    Thank you, Antonio!

    Michael, thank you! I am so happy that you sensed the feeling behind the sketch so clearly!

    Tito, thank you! You are always inspiration for me.

    Gry, thank you!

    Jean, thank you so much!

    Padmaja, thank you!

    Tim, thank you! That cubes are made of sugar).

    Preschool Math Online, thank you!

    Alexiev, thank you and welcome!


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