November 1, 2011


30x40 tracing paper
These waves were done on tracing paper after I was a little disappointed by the purchase in art shop...

I bought a thick pack of 54 sheets of 9 colours paper for pastel works and only at home I noticed the small letters about the details of the pack: 9 colors, 3 sheets paper each and 27 sheets tracing paper for ink paintings. Tracing paper? Surprise. Of course it was my fault, I will be more attentive next time and read everything on the package. But they really have talent for hiding info)). Anyway, I received the opportunity to try my Pentel Color-brush ink pen on tracing paper.

And the small sketch of the city from the cafe window. It is very hard to start sketching when cafe is full. "They will critique me, they will laugh, I want to hide, but I want to sketch so much that I do not care.." Do you know this verse?
And the link to the brush-pen photo/description. Still I need more waves to decide if I like the pen or not.


  1. Very beautiful!
    congratulations dear Irina!

  2. The city sketch is brilliant Irina! And the tracing paper was probably a blessing in disguise, otherwise you wouldnt have tried out these fabulous waves.. they are very fluid!

  3. I love the city sketch, but I agree with Padmaja: the waves are fabulous! I tried out my ink brush pen too, difficult to work with!

  4. Irina I also always blame myself for not being more attentive, but as you say, they are very good at hiding info... so annoying!
    Your waves are wonderful , looking shiny and 'oily' and your sketch is adorable, always love them!

  5. Hi Irina, your waves are really beautiful! Un abbraccio.

  6. You portray the feel of energy in the waves. The city sketch reminds me of so many places that I saw while living in France. I enjoy experiencing your country through your work.

  7. Antonio, thank you!
    Padmaja, thank you! The waves show my anger to trace paper. Good that my anger never lasts long)).
    Judy, thank you. I am amazed how well you managed to draw giraffe with that pen!
    Jane, thank you. The pack was so thick and pricy, who could guess)))?
    Tito, thank you!
    ArtyMarti, I am so glad you are interested! Thank you.

  8. Your city sketches are very interesting.
    Good job!

  9. Hi, Irina,
    This is my quest and task ; always celebrate any result as a good achivement. Please never blame yourself. In my dictionary, there isn't a word, "mistake." All is important experiment that turns out precious experience.
    Although sketching in the public may need guts, "I'm not the centre of the world," is my another mantra. Irina, I'm a bit sad to fin your harsh sentences on yourself. Please never criticize yourself. In my experience, no one laughted at me. (*I was so slow to sketch at the beginning. But I just kept going on.) Life is very short. Do what I want to do most --- is my most important thing.
    Cheers, Sadami


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