December 1, 2011

Last 7 Days Report

Looks like my time in virtuality becomes shorter and shorter. I want to try new approach to posting, to do posts once in a week, like our lovely Sadami does.
And I am afraid that my activity in visiting your blogs and commenting is also receding. So please forgive me for less attention to your talented and creative blogs, I will try my best to stay good and responsive friend!

Meanwhile I post the results of the week, from my sketchbook mostly.

The lamp and table are inspired by my friends' photo blogs (thank you, Sharon and JM!)

I made a photo of  Royal Observatory in Greenwich  in November 2010 and at last did the sketch (I enclose coloured and not coloured versions).

And my quick sketches of eye, lips and keys for EverydayMatters drawing list (it is here).

And I want to show you another watercolor treasure, Russian artist Sergey Temerev. Enjoy!.

And now I run back to reality, one day I suddenly realized that I spend more time in my blog and interenet surfing than in my real life. I think this is wrong in a way))).

All the best to you and yours!


  1. Irina, I think the table is my favorite of all of your paintings that I've seen. I love it! I love the shadows, I love the reflections and I love the color! Great job!

  2. Irina, I too love the table. It is so well polished. Good job.

    Everything must be done in balance. There should be time for art, living, socializing, and blogging. When anything seems like a chore, then it is time to re-evaluate the time and reason you are doing it. Be happy.

  3. I recognized Sharon and Jm's photos in your top two paintings right away! Wonderful!

  4. Irina, the chair and table are absolutely fabulous! I love the shadows and reflections, beautiful!
    Enjoy reality, I hope good things are going on! But please don't forget us, your blogging friends!

  5. Oh Irina, the painting of the lamp I posted is just wonderful! You are such a talented painter and I'm flattered that you chose one of my photos to paint. I love it.

  6. You really know how to sketch, all really great! But my fav is the one with the table and chair, captivating!

  7. Dear Irina, I totally understand you! It's very difficult to visit every blog we like! Time runs fast and faster in internet!But, if you show up once in a while and leave a gentle comment as you do, that is perfect!Your skechtes are great, keep up! xx

  8. Olá Irina,
    Very beautiful watercolors!

  9. Your sketchbook work is always strong. Nice job!

  10. Hi Irina, I have to say that I agree with Jane, I really like your second work. The light from the window and the reflection on the table are really fantastic. Great job! Ciao.

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  12. look like you loved sketching the royal observatory lots of wonderful detail ..lovely sketches irina esp like the interior..agree it's important to get the right balance.

  13. Lovely sketches! And I know what you mean about visiting blogs and surfing the internet as I too am way behind in those as well as time spent on my own painting !

  14. I understand what you are trying to say..enjoyed these lovely works for the week, especially the table and chair composition!

  15. Gorgeous painting Irina , love them.

  16. Beautiful work, and I love the shine on the table!. This time of year we all get so busy that blogs have to go by the wayside. I, too, want to spend more time painting or drawing and less time posting - perhaps a New Year's resolution?

  17. do your art-

    and post when you can!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  18. Café Tati looks just beautiful in your painting! Great work, Irina, you are very gifted.

  19. Dear Irina,
    I like "the table" most, reflections are brilliant. Regarding blogging, please put your life first and take it easy.
    Best wishes & kind regards, Sadami

  20. Gosh, you are soooo creative and talented.
    My favorite is the table/window one....


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