January 22, 2012

Summer Dreams, Landscapes and Sketchcrawl

24x32cm, Watercolor and Neocolor II pastels
Short and grey winter days in Moscow burst with longing for color and as the result,  imagination provides very colorful subjects for painting. I combined watercolor and Neocolor water soluble pastels in the upper one. And found out that these pastels are specially good to mark the details on wet surface.
Ink and watercolor in sketchbook
The second one is based on the photo I took in Wetcanvas image library few years ago.
Watercolor in sketchbook
Quick sketch of Indian plains, based on the photo of a friend.

This Saturday I joined the Sketchcrawl group for the first time. The idea was to sketch all day long around the city, changing location and finding interesting details. I was going on for 2 hours and here are my results:
Ink, watercolor, sketchbook

The building on the other side of the road from Coffeemania cafe, where we settled down (I finished drawing and added color at home).

Table things at the table where I drank my coffee and sketched.

As I do not feel enough confident to draw people in the cafe, I focused on the toy of the boy who was with our group.

And to continue the tradition, I want to share the link to talented Japanese watercolorist who lives in California, visit him at "Watercolors by Osamu"

This is my version of his monochrome painting, I think the original is so good in tone and composition.


  1. It is 2.10pm. in Australia, I can't sleep, how excited I am to check my blogger dash board and find your new post. Those inks and water colours are incredible, love the water colours too. Thank you.

  2. These are wonderful and I can tell you are hungry for color - beautiful color work in these. I love the sketch crawl work, too - you are so brave going out and doing this (I've only sketched in public one time in a park and got so much attention, I didn't care for it much).

  3. Edward, thank you so much! Sleep well! Here they decided to keep summer time zones forever and now we can not get up in the morning (because the darkness goes away at 9 and, accordingly, can not get to sleep before 2 am..). The idea was to remove the stress which time changing twice a year cause to people))
    Rhonda, thank you! I realized that when I was in group it was not scary at all. We looked so important, artists at work, people were appreciating)) But when I sketch alone.. I do scary serious face to hide how I am afraid of attention and possible critique.

  4. All great sketches! The first painting with the pastels is beautiful! I'll try that some time.
    We do have time change for summer and winter time and I always need a long time for adjusting.

  5. Here in Arizona, we don't have time changes, but it works well with our warm winters, and hot summers. Love your colorful watercolor of the grasses. I can almost feel the sunshine. Have a good week.

  6. Wow, you've been busy! I love your 'table things' painting. I like still life paintings that aren't over composed. Yours is real and relaxed.
    Have a wonderful creative week.

  7. Estupenda variedad de obras, saludos i a seguir creando....

  8. Irina you are a sketcher, all of them are so good. My number one is the vegetable one, gorgeous...but really like them all.

  9. Your sketches are all very interesting, no doubt about that! My favorite piece is the ink and color veggies.. your variety is one thing that baffles me and it reflects the passion and patience you have with in!

  10. WOW! What a beautiful variety of subjects Irina. All are really well done, I like particularly the two still life (2 and 5)! Bravissima!

  11. I really like your sketch -crawl pieces --the compositions and color are super!

  12. What a wonderful post, Irina! It was such a pleasure seeing all those different creations you made and you managed to put things so different in a way so harmonious, loved it! Lot of hugs from Anamaria

  13. Wow Irina, these are all wonderful. I don't know where to start. I really like all your watercolor sketches and your landscapes. So many different styles and you are very good in each of them.

  14. Helo Irina,
    very beautiful watercolors and designs!
    A big hug

  15. Your paintings and commentary always delight me!!


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