April 16, 2012


I have several works (sketches) to share and plan to do it this new week. This throne is actually a 18century armchair for breast feeding women, low, wide and comfortable. I saw the article about them in Russian blog today (rich furniture collection decorated with text in Russian).
This pot was planned to be made of copper with patina. But who can argue that the eyes of the artist have the special vision?))

As I do not have time these days for proper blogging, I allow myself only quick browsing through my subscriptions in Google reader. So I want to share the links to treasures of blog-world  I am subscribed to.
Oona, her art is so laconic but rich.
And Tomas. Oh, his watercolors!

If I put here also Flickr treasures (as many of them do not have blogs) will you be able to see the link?
Like this one, for example.Gokmen T: here

And question about Facebook. Have you already thought about moving there on permanent basis? It has very comfortable interface for speedy drivers like me..


  1. Beautiful sketches Irina. Studies of individual objects is a great way to learn.

  2. Amazing works!!!!



  3. I like both of these a lot for their wonderful design and the quality of line you've drawn with. Really lovely!

  4. I havent seen a low throne before, it is a lovely subject and nicely done Irina!

  5. I always LOVE your sketches Irina, both excellently done, and the color of the throne is wonderful! Have a great week!

  6. The sketches of the throne and pot are both beautiful! Love the colors of both! Great links, I had a look. Have a great week!

  7. Beautiful sketches Irina! The idea to use just Facebook is really interesting, something to think about. Hugs!

  8. Very beautiful!
    Congratulations Irina!
    A hug

  9. Hi Irena, i have a new computer and could access you site. Love the pen and ink the chair is delightful.


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