May 11, 2012

Beatriz (Beti) Abel

Watercolor by Beatriz Abel

Beatriz Abel. First I noticed sketches of Beatriz Abel at Monday Artday , challenges' blog of Mike Baker. Blog has more then 600 members and Mike is very wise and talented host. He gives the idea, we have to paint it, no copying of the photography.
Beti's participation in Monday Artday is always so kind and funny and sweet and so special and human.
And when Mike fell seriously ill and his blog was losing its activity, Beti was always there, supporting and helping Mike and his blog to survive with her warmest entries.

Look at this-Tiny Things. And this - Taro cards . And this - Butterfly Girl .

Some time ago I received this portrait from Beti. In March she posted women's portaits, I liked them so much and told wrote her about it. And see what I had in my mail! Beti painted my portait with a bird. It is so sweet and it is the most I like about blogging. The warmth we exchange, the warmth I received from Argentina. Wow.

Thank you, Beti!


  1. What a great portrait and a wonderful gift to receive! Beatriz is a talented artist, I had a look at her paintings! Blogland is great, isn't it, I have experienced some warmth too.
    Oh and you are a super winner Irina, it IS the lady from Mad Men!

  2. What a sweet portrait, perfectly you :-) I checked the blog of Beatriz, she does such beautiful and sensitive work . Have a nice weekend !

  3. a beautiful portrait of a beautiful woman.

  4. How great is that!! Such a treasure. That is just how I felt when you sent me a painting that you did.

  5. Yes, I agree that there is so much of warmth and love in such a gesture, it makes you feel special and loved. I loved this beautiful portrait!

  6. Irina is an honor that you've uploaded my watercolor in your blog, and thanks for such nice words

  7. Hi Irina! I dont know how I missed this entry here! It's a wonderful gift and a great portrait! Blogland is amazing, we meet such wonderful people here.


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