May 12, 2012

Pastel and Photos of Montenegro

Do you know what we use as fixative for our pastel works? Hair spray! When in Soviet Union it was the only material possible for the fixation of pastel dust on the paper.
These days we still use it for economy reasons. Sometimes it makes the appearance of the drawing darker, sometimes not. And the smell is nice, too))..
With no connection to pastel fixation situation I also post my photos of Montenegro, it is so beautiful. I hope you will enjoy, too. More to follow.
The Bay of Kotor


St.Stephan Island


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  2. I love your pastels, Irina, specially the first one. What a beautiful light! You know,I never fix my pastels. I keep them covered with silk paper.I think it changes the colours when you fix them, even when it's not hair spray!But looking at yours maybe I'm wrong 'cause they're terrific.
    Thanks for sharing your photos, great place to visit!
    Wish you a nice sunday

  3. Great pastels, Irina, I love the first one best too! I have never worked with pastels but hair spray seems a good idea! Montenegro looks like a beautiful country. Wonderful photos for future paintings surely?

  4. I, too, love the first pastel! The colors are scrumptious. I chuckled when I read that hair spray as a fixative smells good. Great idea!

    Montenegro is gorgeous.

  5. They are both fabulous Irina, very refreshing work.I loved the abstract quality of the first one a lot. Thanks for the hairspray tip :-) Hope to see more pastel works from you!

  6. Irina these two pastels are superb !!! Really love them both...and I too use hair spray to fix them , as well as on charcoal drawings. Your photos are beautiful !have a great Mothers Day ! xx

  7. the paintings are so joyful, the photos capture the beauty of the place.

  8. Anamaria, thank you! I always fix them, then I can do whatever I want without opportunity to ruin the pastel drawing.

    Judy, Montenegro is so inspiring. But I was busy with my work there (I had to take my notebook with me), so only few sketches happened. I show them in next post. Thank you!

    Candy, thank you!

    Padmaja, thank you!

    Jane, really? I always thought that hair spray is soviet know-how)). Thank you!

    Thank you, Brattcat!

    Susan, thank you and welcome!

  9. There is lots of inspiration for artists and photographers in Montenegro and Croatia, as your post today shows.


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