June 16, 2012

Drawing Heals

30x40cm, Pastel on light blue paper
My two versions of A Nos Pinceau challenge. One in watercolor and the other one in pastel. I do not know why I wanted to try both versions of the photo, maybe because the yellows are so warm and  all the ingredients are so closely connected to each other.
Thank you so much, friends! For your warmth and connection. Your support and healing effect of the drawing and painting are the greatest helpers in any difficult situation. 
25x17cm, Watercolor in Sketchbook


  1. Irina it's wonderful to hear you find solace in painting, we can all use something to soothe our soul when going through challenging times in my opinion.

    Your paintings are wonderful, I personally prefer the watercolor. I find this one is more vibrant.

    Have a wonderful day, take care and thank you for sharing your work with us!

  2. Two beautiful works...preferring the watercolor, as I find the colors warmer . Take care !

  3. The water color is glowing Irina, yes, indeed when we are capable of making use of the healing effect of our art, we do find solace.

  4. It is great that painting is so healing, Irina! I also love the watercolor one, because of the warm and wonderful yellows.

  5. Both are very nice to look at. I think I like the watercolor the best for the colors.

  6. The two versions are very pretty !


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