June 3, 2012

Mr.Ceasar, Emperor of Romans


I  drew him in class.That fact explains that he is recognizable and his eyes and nose are of right size and at right place.
Looking at his features and his neck, when drawing, I felt that Mr. Caesar was very interesting man. In that sort of attractiveness, when you know that this man will ruin you and your life ("thrash the life out of my soul", they say in Russian..), yet you can not resist his power. Poor Ms. Cleopatra.

Next Saturday I will paint him in oil, at different angle.


  1. Very good drawing, Irina! Power is attractive!

  2. Judy is right, Irina, power is a very strong attractive. Anyway, Ms Cleopatra had Marco Antonio! I think romans are beautiful and so is your drawing!

  3. Amazing drawing, so perfect ! xx

  4. Your drawing is full of character and drama, you are a creator! I guess that the important thing is to go all the way of Art, learning to capture and enjoy the contemplated.

  5. "his eyes and nose are of right size and at right place"

    your sketch is dramatic, but he looks ordinary to me. how are we going to define "right" anyway? but then a face is just a cover to a shell that contains the mind. i might play down how he looks like but his influence is nowhere near denial.

    can't wait to see the oil version. i'm sure it'll be powerful

  6. yes, you do capture his magnetism.

  7. Very well done Irina!His sharp features are brought out with perfection. I am eager to see the oil version soon!

  8. Herrliche Arbeit Irina. Gratulieren.
    Grüsse Dich

  9. Thank you so much, friends! You are generous.


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