June 25, 2012

Old Barn

Why do some images stick to our attention in the tons of photos we browsing in internet every day? How does it work? Does it depend on your current situation and feeling or are they your all time favorites?

This barn. I saw the photo in Lee's "A Day Not Wasted" challenge and knew at once that I will paint from photo as soon as I can. Here is my contribution and this is the link to challenge's participants works.

And thank you so much for your support and warmth, you help me in my difficult days, thank you!


  1. Me gusta mucho más tu interpretación que el original.¡Magnifica! Un saludo

  2. Irina, I love your rendition of the photo. Thank you for the link...it's a marvelous post.

  3. Wonderful interpretation Irina! I like the colors and the fusions of the foreground. Hug!

  4. Great work Irina! I like the watercolor effects in sky and foreground, wonderful!

  5. A fabulous work , what a fantastic light coming from the sky and the colors are so fresh and bright, really beautiful ! xxx

  6. Irina this is an excellent watercolor, I wonder why some things stick out to us more than others as well. I'm thinking that what attracts our attention the most is something we've experienced, or wish to experience and it sets off the memory of either a beautiful moment in time or one we anticipate having. I'm not sure.

    Your barn painting reminds me of our farm I lived on when I was a young child, it touches that 'feel good' place in me, a warm wonderful feeling and with the summer being upon us I could lay in the fields and soak up the sun for hours and dream as the clouds float on by. Yup, the hazy lazy days of summer.

    Have a wonderful day! Huge hugs sent your way from across the miles.


  7. It is a beautiful job by you Irina, I loved the foreground, you seemed to have dealt with it with so much of ease!


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