July 18, 2012

Brandy Painting

A friend of mine in the USA told me about American whiskey painters few years ago. Here more details.

The idea to try alcohol for painting was stuck firmly in my head (I am sure there is more correct idiom in English, but I am sure you recognize the feeling). And yesterday I tried brandy. It works perfect, mix with ink and does not run around as water when added to my inks, as there is only 60% of water is in this wonderful thinner.
I highly recommend (at least if any brandy left after you used it usual and more practical way))) to try.

We were sitting in the kitchen, friends drank brandy, I was driving that day. So they generously granted me the painting material for this aloe flower..


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  3. An aloe flower painted with brandy, that's interesting Irina! I like the result! Your pen drawing is beautiful. Never heard about whiskey painters before,thanks for the link

  4. yet another brilliant use of brandy.

  5. There is no end to the uses of a good Brandy! This turned out to be a sweet little painting.

    Thank you for your kind words on my self portrait on my flickr site.

  6. What a great idea, having inspiration and medium in the same glass  Reminds me of Visotski’s song “я допил для музы предназначенный коньяк”. You’ve been doing great job sketching and drawing, very nice!

  7. Wow, who would have thought to add alcohol to ink, sure not I. I love how this worked for you, this drawing has a real rustic look to it and I love rustic! Very nice work Irina.

    Have a wonderful day, cheers.


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