July 17, 2012

Drawing Nature

My drawings from the place where the internet is slow as Russian village (so I can only check my mailbox, slooowly) but the air is fresh and the house is surrounded with gardens and woods.
This post and the following few posts will be scheduled posts, so please do not worry if I do not reply or react to your posts at once.
I found the "Draw 50.." series of Lee Ames' books and post here the few of my attempts:


  1. Your "few attempts" are wonderful, Irina! I wish I were as talented as you!

  2. irina, i hope you find more and more time for your art. these are delightful.

  3. Wonderful drawings, Irina! Fifty is a lot!

  4. Irina enjoy your time away from the internet, a break from it every now and again is nice... after the first few days that is! lol I LOVE your few attempts, I only wish I could do half as good as these are... fantastic work!


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