July 1, 2012

Plus Google Plus

Yesterday night my Blogger Dashboard disappeared and Google informed me that this blog was forced (broken? cracked? whatever). Well, that was not good news at all. I decided to go to bed and face back the problem in the morning.
After 1 hour struggling my blogs were back to normal but only after I confirmed that I will use Google plus as my blogging account further on.
It was "nice" surprise, as I did not want Google plus at all (FB, LJ, Flickr, Tumblr, etc. - it is already too much of me in the web)). But if I want my blogs and my friends back, I had to sign to G+.

Looks like "free of charge" Blogger is no more free.

Flowers from mom's garden to sweeten the bitter taste of blogging on 1st July.


  1. I'm glad you are back again Irina ! My blog disappeared too about a month ago...but luckily there is a way back ! You did some beautiful watercolors here, but my absolute favorites are the two small lat ones...gorgeous ! And very nice new photo of you . Wish you a pleasant Sunday. xx

  2. Oooops, I meant the two small last ones...

  3. Gorgeous flowers, Irina! What a lovely photo of you!

  4. Too beautiful Irina! I can imagine your mom's garden in full bloom!

  5. It is nice to see you, Irina, but I understand your dislike of being forced to do something in order to continue doing what you were before. I always dislike that type of situation, also!

    Your flower paintings are so beautiful, your mother must have a lovely garden to give such inspiration!

  6. Lovely flowers Irina. This new look to your blog is great, very fresh.

  7. These flower painting are so pretty! Really nice!
    I fully understand your frustration. It makes no sense to me how individual blogs can have problems and others - not. Maybe we will all be forced to Google plus in a similar fashion...

  8. Irina, I'm glad you're back! I tried to visit your blog and saw a message: This blog has been removed ( or something like this) and I was very sorry, I thought you went away without saying good-bye. Months ago a blogger friend disappeared like this and untill today I do not know what happened to him.

    It's a very uncomfortable situation to be forced to use Google+, I'm having problems with this too, hope my blog doesn't break!

    I like very much your flowers, specially the orange lily. Beautiful!and your new photo is lovely.

    Welcome back!!!

  9. Beautifully painted. I do like the freedom in this piece.

  10. What a beautiful work you have made irina. I see your blog for the first time and your flowers are so beautiful painted.
    Lovely greet

  11. Hi Irina! I did not visit your blog lately but I had a lovely time this morning visiting your mom's garden of flowers and your previous posts. Lovely work. Have a nice day!

  12. I´m glad you´re back. But too bad they force you to pay now. :(

  13. Hello Irina,
    I really enjoyed these beautiful watercolors that resemble botanical illustrations.
    Each time your job better, congratulations!
    A big hug


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