August 22, 2012

Draw Your TV

Every Day Matters list (here it is) is printed and stuck to the wall and always helps me with the ideas.

"Draw your TV and journal about favorite show".

Old TV with its old friends, Video and DVD players. My favorite activity is browsing through the channels without any long stops while I have meals. And then return to computer monitor. This old TV is not a minion anymore.
Red marker (not waterproof, as expected), sepia inkbrush, Neocolor II cobalt and b.sienna sticks, yellow ochre watercolor. And "Animal Planet" on.


  1. Hi Irina - Everday Matters is great for giving us ideas. Also sketches are great for improving our drawing skills and experimenting too as you have done beautifully here. Funny how a lot of us are working from the same page most of the time... Take care x

  2. Thank you, Laura! Yes we walking the same paths, and it makes us friends, inspires and moves forward. I am so thankful for knowledge, ideas, fun I find online.

  3. The red makes this a very exciting painting. I really like it?


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