September 6, 2012

On the Beach

Ink, watercolor pencils, water drops

Pages from the new sketchbook almost do not stand water ("suitable for light washes" - I wonder what they mean by "light"))), so when I decided to refresh the sketch with waterdrops I was sorry the next moment. Two black blots on the previous page - that's the unexpected result. Here is the sketchbook, beware dear watercolorists! (It was my choice fault, as price tag warned loudly about the consequences)).
You see - accurate little boat is fired by mines. My version of battleship..

I framed and matted the pigeons of few posts ago. Tomorrow I will hand it to my friend and I like the new sophisticated look of this sketch page!

And I want to share few links to the blogposts (from so many!). So amazing and inspiring. I hope they inspire you too.
John Lovett. His site is closed at a moment, so it is the link to some Russian on line art library, sorry
Joseph Stoddard.


  1. I really love your sketches/watercolors, Irina - and am so sorry about the water drops bleeding through. The pigeons look so elegant all dressed up in that frame and mat. I am sure your friend will be delighted!

  2. What a shame, those stains on your art work! Lesson learned the hard way. The pigeons look great, what a great mat and frame, a wonderful present!

  3. your watercolors are wonderful. I'm sorry your boats got destroyed! You made me laugh with your comment that it is your version of battleship.

    The pigeons look beautiful. Your friend will be so happy to get this as a gift.

  4. It looks wonderful even though your ships got bombed. lol You've remedied it well. Great thinking.

  5. It can be frustrating if the paper doesnt take much water, but your sketches are looking lovely!

  6. Hi, Irina,
    Thank you for sharing the important information on the quality of paper. The first work looks so nice. You're good at pen. The framed pigeons are very lovely. Keep up!
    Best wishes, Sadami

  7. Hi Irina, your watercolor sketches are beautiful as usual, its a pity for the the stains that had impaired your work. The framed pigeons looks really elegant, your friend will be happy! Ciao.

  8. so sorry about your mishap with the watercolors. but a bet the recipient was thrilled to take possession of the pigeons.


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