October 2, 2012


Hairdryer (1985 version). Pentel Colorbrush+NeocolorII sticks

I keep doing quick studies in my sketchbook (armed with ROTRING artpen and PENTEL Sepia colorbrush) and hope to slow down soon and be back to watercolor experiments and pastel exercises.
My glasses; Angel on the shelf; Armchair inspired by IKEA catalogue

I want to share with you today the link to the blog of Simone - her post presenting free "Social Media Buttons" for your blog. They are very good looking and saving so much time of struggling with html and other complex programming depths for the humanitarians to get together links to all our on-line expositions..


  1. Your sketches are so fabulous, nothing in your daily life is safe from your pen! I love them!

  2. P.S. I love your new blogdesign, the header with the poppies is beautiful!

  3. All beautiful, Irina! I'm a fan of your sketches! Ciao!

  4. Hello Irina:) Love your sketches. Very original. The hairblower is beautiful with the blue shadows!


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