October 8, 2012

Porcino Soup

When dad was alive  they had tradition to go mushroom hunting. Last years he did not see well, but still was very good in orientation in the wood, opposite to mother, she was responsible for locking "bearing areas" and collecting mushrooms. This is her first autumn without him. She hears everywhere about reach harvest of mushrooms in the woods but afraid to be lost when hunting.

Yesterday I bought these porcinos (No idea how you name them in English, so I use Italian version, sorry). They were so beautiful and smelled so good! I painted them and made mushroom soup afterwards.
5-6 big porcinos cut  to pieces, boil for 40 minutes.
Add potato divided in cubes, browned onion and browned carrot and keep boiling for 10-12 minutes.
Add salt and boil 2 min. more.
Serve with sour creme.


  1. Wow, great watercolor, Irina, I love the strong shadows! The first year after losing a loved one is filled with special moments that are the first without ..., very sad. This painting will remind you of your father. I never had porcinos, but the recipe looks yummie!

  2. I love how you painted the mushrooms, the bold colors and strong shapes, very beautiful painting!

  3. You have immortalized these mushrooms with the touching story of your father, your lovely and vibrant painting and their final evolution into delicious soup!

  4. Ciao Irina, these mushrooms have a special meaning for you and you have painted them really beautifully. Thanks for the interesting receipt. Hugs!

  5. Beautiful painting and thanks for sharing the story of your father and mother hunting mushrooms together :)

  6. Yummm, the soup looks so delicious! I love your painting of the mushrooms, now I'm curious what type of a mushroom this is and will google it to find out. I want to try to make that soup one of these days, I can smell it from here. :-)

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Irina the painting and the soup look delicious. It is little things like this that remind us of our lost loved ones and what helps us keep the memory alive. Thanks for sharing your lovely story.

  8. Hello Irina:) I can see in your painting you gave the mushrooms a special feeling. They are so beautiful painted. I'm glad you have such good memories about the mushroom hunting. Thank you for sharing:) I have to think about the soup....:)

  9. Judy, thank you. The first years happens to be so difficult. But life is going on. As I know there is no tradition to collect mushrooms in European and American woods. But here it is well developed culture of autumn mushroom hunting.

    Blaga, thank you! I painted shadows from imagination, when it was too dark outdoors to see the real shadows and mushrooms could not wait till tomorrow. So everything turned out too exaggerated.

    Thank you Susan!

    Tito, thank you!

    Rhonda, thank you. You are so welcome.

    Darlin, I will be so glad if you like this recipe, thank you!

    Thank you Laura!

    Renate, thank you!

  10. Irina, I think porcino is international, here we call them so, and your soup look delicious!!!! Love your painting, very strong and expressive

  11. you've painted the mushrooms beautifully irina .. i hope your mother will collect mushrooms again so many happy memories for her .. my italian family love mushroom hunting .. soup looks good


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