January 20, 2013

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Jvary is the church of 7th century near Tbilisi, Georgia (Wiki link here). It is constructed on top of mountain and overlooks the place where two rivers meet. It is so breathtaking beautiful!

I was in Georgia on my winter holidays, more sketches from the trip to follow.
Photo by Jemal Kasradze (www.jemalkasradze.blogspot.com)

How were you the month passed?
My interruption from blogging was so useful. I allowed myself to have a rest, to stop and to think about my weblife and how it affected my real life. I will be happy to share my "deep thoughts" in my next posts and hope that my experience will be useful to you too. 


  1. I hope that the time you spend away from the web had been useful. Anyway, I'm glad you're back! And I love your sketch of this church. Tbilisi looks like a lovely place to visit!

  2. Hi Irina! Happy to see you back! Your church sketch is beautiful,I see one month rest did you good. I'm not posting so often now is rainy season here and I have lots of gardening to do, but I'll come back to read your deep thoughts, for sure. Hugs

  3. Hello there Irina, how nice to see you back again ! Beautiful sketch with lovely fresh colors ! Keep it up !!! xx

  4. Irina, que alegría saber que tuviste unas vacaciones de reflexión y descanso, y por las fotos en un lugar de hermosos paisajes, muy lindo el dibujo.

  5. Was missing your work Irina, glad to see you back!
    Beautiful sketch as usual, look forward to your thoughts, I seem to need them most at this time!

  6. Hi Irina, so glad to see you back, I've missed you! What a wonderful sketch of a beautiful place! I'd love to hear about your thoughts, looking forward to them.

  7. Welcome back Irina! Beautiful sketch and beautiful photos. I'd love to know your thoughts about the web / blogger life. I'm interest because in the last months I had more and more difficulties in following the blogosphere, perhaps you have some suggestions.... Have a good week! Ciao.

  8. i look forward to reading your reflections and welcome you back with a full heart.

  9. Glad to see you back, Irina! Beautiful sketch of this complex building! The picture of this church on top of the hill is owe inspiring. I’ll be waiting to read your thoughts, too.

  10. A beautiful sketch of Jvary. I look forward to your next posts.

  11. Hi, freue mich Dich wieder hier zu sehen. Dein Bild und Fotos sind sehr schön.

  12. I am very impressed with your sketch and am looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

  13. Beautiful watercolor! The place is impressive and I'm sure very inspiring!

  14. The monastery is so old! It is beautiful and so is your drawing.
    In Jerusalem we have an old originally Georgian monastery that is also called the Monastery of the Cross. (I blogged about it.)

  15. Hello! I discovered your blog recently and I'm eally glad to see that you are posting again. I like your drawing very much and I'm very interested in the subjest since my son had a (too) short trip in the Caucasus. I also met several people who told me Tbilisi was definitely worth visiting. I hope I would be able one day to draw some Georgian monasteries myself.

  16. Thank you, Marie! Georgia's beauties are worth visiting for sure. And it is very safe place for visiting, too.
    Anamaria, thank you and happy gardening!
    Thank you, Jane!
    ¡Le agradezca tanto, mi querido Beti!
    Padmaja, you are always so kind!
    Judy, thank you! I am sure you recognize my thoughts, too.
    Tito, thank you. I am afraid, we are in the same boat!
    Brattcat, thank you with full heart!
    Thank you Blaga!
    Carol, your opinion will be very much appreciated.
    Danke sehr viel, lieb Janina!
    Susan, I am so glad to see you here!
    Carraol, I missed you so much!
    Dina, thank you. In Jerusalem I was very impressed by power and influence of Armenian church, by the way.
    Tousmesdebuts, thank you! Georgia's most valuable treasure is people of Georgia. I highly recommend the place!

  17. jvary excellent sketch irina ..good to see you back .


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