January 30, 2013

More Sketches from Georgia

My love affair with blogging began in 2009. It had a very energetic start.
At first I landed at Russian blogworld with my genius artworks. But Russian blogworld was not happy at all to see me, it was inhospitable, aggressive and critical. So I wandered into the English-speaking network. And that is where mutual love happened at first sight.
Do I need to tell you about this love? You know everything by yourselves. Understanding, generosity, a gold mine of ideas, we became connected and linked and this experience was priceless.

But at some point, my bloglife became too much in time and obligations: The time and obligation to post daily pictures in MoscowDailyPhoto, the time to see and comment new posts of my friends (and I now have over 500 subscriptions in Google reader), the time and obligation to thank you for your attention to my blog. I have driven myself into the corner, trying to be everywhere and catch everything. I was tired and new posts of friends and acquaintances began to cause irritation. And my comments, usually thougthful and emotional, moved into the category of "Cool!" and "Great work!" sort of comments.
And the most unpleasant thing was my free time, invaluable for drawing, was spent on internet browsing with hundreds of photos scrolling, killing time and my eyes. I did not want to paint, why to bother, when it was so nice to watch the paintings done by my new friends?

So I decided to stop and have a rest. And now, two months later, I am planning changes in my blogging manner and comeback of my free time, my desire to draw and recovery for my eyes.  
- Forgive me if I am much less likely to appear on your pages.

- Forgive me, if the vector of my blog will be less focused on drawing.

- Forgive me if I do not respond to your comments and feel free to not comment in my blog.
- And forgive me for such a long letter. I promise that it would not happen again.
I really love you. I am very grateful to you for your attention, warmth, strength, kindness and joy that you give me.

I'm so inclined to win myself back. 
 In the next post I will write what medications I take from Internet addiction, perhaps this experience will be useful to someone of you.


  1. I completely understand, dear Irina. But I will miss seeing your words greatly as I think you are showing a new direction filled with energy and maturity, excitement and depth that I think is wonderful. I would like to see where it takes you.

  2. I understand what you are saying. I am sure you will find an answer to all your thoughts, it is a matter of time. We keep experimenting in different directions and there is no single destination. As long as we enjoy what we are doing, nothing else matters I guess.look forward to your thoughts when you share them here.

  3. first, i love this new piece of artwork (in fact it is wonderful to get a glimpse of your work every time you choose to share it).
    second, i think we all hit the wall with the blogging at some point. it takes an enormous amount of time, time many of us simply do not have, or do not wish to spend in front of a computer.
    finally, those who leave comments in the hope that someone will leave a comment for them might want to reconsider why they belong to the cdp community. use your time in a way that feels comfortable to you, irina. those of us who are visiting because we're interested, because we want to learn, we'll be there when and if you choose to post. and if you choose not to post, we'll think no less of you. sorry for the long response.


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