February 16, 2013

Birds Feeding

This tomtit and its two relatives come flying every day to my balcony to eat.

I have made a feeding rack from 5litres plastic bottle, having cut out windows in it and having plastered edges with adhesive tape (what if the edges are too sharp for little birds' legs???) and hung out the rack out of the balcony.

The basic dish - raw sunflower seeds mixed with pearl barley (I read somewhere that tomtits like pearl barley but my visitors do not look too happy with it). And a slice of bacon on a chain turned out to be the most favored dessert.
Considering their activity and frequency of  visits, soon the windows of the bottle will be too small for these gourmets. 


  1. It's a beautiful piece of artwork, and I congratulate you on the design of the bird feeder!

  2. Very beautifully painted, I love the colors!

  3. I love the bird feeder, a clever idea, I think I will make one too! Observing birds and their activities is such a pleasure and a rejuvenator for the mind, you got a beautiful painting from your observation Irina!

  4. What a lovely watercolor, the little bird is very well done. And a great idea to make a bird feeder from a bottle , awesome !

  5. birds are so fascinating to watch and you've captured this one's energy and spirit in your little vignette.

  6. beautiful bird Irina, with such a menu right there you'll probably have them modeling for you for a long time :)

  7. Birds are so fun to watch. You are nice to take such good care of our little feathered friends to help them through the long cold winter. The painting is beautiful.

  8. A lovely painting. It must be great to watch them each day. Hope they don't get too fat.

  9. Hello Irina,
    beautiful bird, lovely watercolor!
    A big hug

  10. Irina! At last I have found you again! I missed looking at your posts. Some how, don´t ask me how, you got mixed up with another one also called Irina. I´m so glad I found your blog again!
    By the way; I love your bird. These guys are actually very smart. I had one of these living in my house for some time when I was a kid.I gave him food inside our house. No, I´m not only telling a story. It´s true. I must tell this story on my blog some day... If I only could find the one and only photo of this little fellow to show you all...

  11. Beautiful colors. You have made some great feathered friends!

  12. Irina, he's exquisite! Clever idea for a bird feeder!

  13. Thank you Kate! I have just realized how I missed your Santa Fe!

    Thank you, Blaga!

    Thank you Padmaja. Birds are true and free shrinks.

    Dina, thank you! I observe how these tiny creatures become the bosses, paying no attention to me.

    Thank you, Jane! It is my first watercolor in several month. And though I am not happy with it, I am so happy with it!

    Brattcat, thank you!

    Teresa, thank you. You are so right!

    Judy, thank you so much!

    Jean, thank you! Yes, there is areal danger of overweight..

    Thank you Antonio!

    Catharina, they are smart, pushy and always hungry, always.. I wait to read your story!

    Christiane, thank you!

    Candy, thank you!


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