February 19, 2013

Hospital Building

I made a photo of this beautiful building in the summer and at last sketched it at home.
But so far when driving around the building of this hospital, I have plans to be back in the spring for the plein-air.

Recently I have watched "The Hobbit" (to tell the truth, I was forced to, I neither read Tolkien, nor watched other movies of "the Ring" series). It was too noisy and too straightforward for my taste, but the king of gnomes was very handsome and this fact helped me to get to the end of the performance.

Weeks passed, but I continued to recall one character of the movie, Gollum, as symbol of duality, of incompatible characters coexisting inside one person. 
And I recognized something about myself in Gollum. Often happens, that you are calm, benevolent and positive and suddenly, under influence of unexpected change of circumstances or stress, the beast inside you wakes up. And voila! he is the boss, he pays no attention neither to education, nor to experience, nor to rules of society. And then suddenly, unexpectedly, it is hidden back. And you are back to your normal, peaceful self again.
Is this duality familiar to you? In yourself or your relatives or friends?


  1. Beautiful sketch Irina! Yes, I am aware of what you are talking about.. it used to happen to me a lot! Duality exists in most and observing what is happening inside and letting go of it, to come back to original self helps in not slipping in to duality once for all. The key is to accept what life throws at you and deal with it with the flow it offers.

  2. oh, yes, irina, you've said it very well.

  3. I understand perfectly. Sometimes I have to give myself a good talking to!

  4. A nice sketch! I´m looking forward to see the plain air painting as well.

  5. Oh yes Irina, there is a Gollum in all of us ! I always thought you were a great sketcher and here is another proof !


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