February 7, 2013

Q 10

I have recently discovered and want to share the text editor program, Q10. Here. It is free and simple and small. And it has clear interface and it inspires you to write, to create letters, words, sentences. You can (as I did) save it to usb-flesh drive (it can be portable) and write text, poem, novel, thoughts, ideas, diary - whatever hits you, in most comfortable way and in your language.
That's the monitor screen when you start (It looks so fresh and distraction-free after overloaded pages we get used to). I took image here.

Of course I consider piece of paper and pen to be the best text editors ever, but still, Q10 is good.

My illustration today shows the cafe corner where we met with my friend two weeks ago, made with ink and 2 neocolor sticks, cobalt blue and burnt sienna.


  1. Q10 is an old friend of mine. Too bad it hasn't been in development and the author missing in action for a few years now.

    I personally have a hard to repress urge to always be looking for new tools. I try to repress it as much as possible, because when I'm not hunting the net or fooling around with unfamiliar software is when I actually write things, but there it is. When all is said and done, in Window, IMO, you can't do "better" than Writemonkey.

    You can make Writemonkey seem exactly like Q10, but that's just the environment you work in. Under the hood, it can do so very many things. I won't tease you with any specifics. I get the impression that you may not need and likely would rather not know. but just in case.

    And if anyone else comes this way like I did, looking for text editors for writing, I just wanted to point out that there are options (Writemonkey being just one of them, though the one I would, with some expertise, have to recommend as the premier one these days).

    However, I will admit to keeping copies of Q10 around and using them every once in awhile. It just feels like home to me, and sometimes that is what I need, not maximal functionality.

  2. Thanks Irina and Todd for the information, I'm going to download and try both Q10 as well as Writemonkey. There are far too many distractions when I'm using other programs, sure I use Office Word but it would be nice to go somewhere else and write from the heart, without distractions!

    Irina another fantastic illustration!


  3. I didn't know about Q 10 before (I thought it was a beauty cream sold in France (but I hardly remember the name. After all, I don't need a cream to look younger, I'm not that old!).
    Anyway, I love you're drawing. I'm sure I'd feel really comfortable in a cafe corner like this one!

  4. Hello Irina,
    it's good to see you again!
    His drawings have the lightness and detachment typical of good artists.
    I loved the work!
    A big hug and a weekend of peace and joy

  5. You sketch interiors wonderfully, Irina - I really like this one.

  6. Thank you Todd, I bookmarked and will try Writemonkey too!

    Darlin, thank you!

    Brattcat, thank you!

    Ela, thank you. I am sure you'd like the place.

    Antonio, I am so glad to see you here again! Thank you for your comment and big hug to you, too!

    Susan, you know how I appreciate your comment!

  7. A beautifully sketched interieur, great atmosphere.


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