May 9, 2013


View from the upper floor at my parent's summerhouse.

Today TV reminded me about one of the favorite Russian movies of my childhood, "The City of Craftsmen".
It is fairy tale, good people struggle and win over evil.
And only today I saw with new eyes the strongest role of the art director in this movie, Alexander Boim, his work of pen and pencil (no 3D-renderers in 1965!) is amazing.

Link to movie here, in case you are want to look at it, too.


  1. Wonderful sketche, Irina! Now I'm going to the movie, I love fairy tales, thanks for the link

  2. Irina, I love this sketch and I love the idea of a summer house. It makes me think of my dad's cabin in Wisconsin.

    I have to check out the movie.

    Your comment on my blog made me laugh so hard! You've also inspired me to get back to work:) Thank you, my friend!

  3. Good to see your post again, love the idea of summer house, where is this located?
    You did a good job to give the impression of the scene. Let me check out the movie..

  4. A lovely sketch, Irina! I saw a piece of the movie just now, it looks wonderful. I love fairy tales when good wins over evil!

  5. Beautiful work of these cozy summer houses! I would love to enjoy the movie, but my Russian is very, very, very limited. Have a great weekend!

  6. Lovely sketch, Irina. The woods behind your parents' summer home look wonderful. You must be happy there since you mentioned that you feel at home in the woods.


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