July 23, 2013

Trick Your Procrastination - Follow Masters

I'm sitting here in front of monitor, browsing different sites for several hours with no idea and no big pleasure. My inner voice is trying to talk me into painting, but I pretend I do not hear.  And it is going on for weeks.
Do you recognize the situation?

This is what helped me: I forced myself to copy masters (with no intention to sell or advertise these copies, of course). Just technical copy, easy attempt to get back into action, to wake up, to recall how paint feels on the paper.
To create something special without much pressure, he-he-he.

I'll show you my warm ups. Feels like they help, and soon I will be back to the stuff of my own.

Snow scene: Angel Garcia-Rubio, here.

City scene: Raimundo Lopez, here.

Thank you masters for saving me from my procrastination.


  1. Great idea to look at the masters' work! It keeps you in the painting flow, and I'm sure inspiration will return!

  2. oh, Irina! You have done a magnificent job with these warm ups!

  3. It also helps one learn techniques. Great job Irina.

  4. An excellent idea, Irina. You did a wonderful job on these!

  5. What a lovely idea to warm up and you did them so beautifully well! I am sure it was also a learning time for you.

  6. it's a constructive idea and excercise esp if you feel that way ...i like both of your interpretations irina esp the softness of the top one .

  7. Buena idea para salir del atasco. Enhorabuena!

  8. Irina, me parece que mi comentario no va ha coincidir con los de la mayoría de los comentarios anteriores, pero tal vez una mirada distinta ayude a que recobre su inspiración.
    Me dijo una vez un maestro de acuarelas, que copiar de otra acuarela era tener casi todo resuelto, el desafío esta en pintar, pintar... y tratar de disfrutar en el intento


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