August 9, 2013

Another Sketchbook is Almost Done

Almost last pages in my sketchbook and last photos from 2010 saved to my "art" folder to admire and to copy-paint.

I am sorry I do not remember the sources, and google image search does not help(.


  1. I love the way you are sketching, Irina! I should do more.

  2. you've done a lovely job with these, irina.

  3. Hello, Irina. How wonderful to have a sketchbookful of your paintings. I have never managed to fill a sketchbook--nowhere near. It's a wonderful accomplishment, and a treasure.
    Lovely atmospheric effects in both of these.

  4. Lovely work, Irina. I especially like the top one - very atmospheric. Your sketchbook must be a wonderful memento of your painting and sketching progress.

  5. Hi Irina. You're quite right about my last post: more contrast is needed! It's funny: I used to be very shy about painting outdoors--worrying passersby would think I was not much of a painter--but, honestly, I never worry about that now: that particular fear has gone away, and mostly I worry about ME not thinking I'm a good painter! If you go out and paint in plein air, you'll stop worrying about it too!


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